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The Fitness Program - 3

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 14 May 2018, 08:56 PM
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My heart froze! From the look on her face, I could tell that Josie's had too.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh please! I saw you two leave together, that day, then I saw you go into the CR.... Really? The CR?" she laughed, "... and I watched you in the woods... I know you are both married..." 

There was no denying it, this hot young lady knew what she was talking about.

"So... what is it that you want?"

"I want my dream to come true... my fantasy. I want to make love with a woman... an Asian woman." She looked at me and added, "I'll take you too if that's the only way I can get her."

"Let's walk..." I said and the three of us hit the track.

"I'm Beth, I'm 18 and I live over there on Silver Oak. My daddy is chairman of the island city council. I just graduated high school and don't start college until fall. I'm bored...."


"And I've been wanting to try girl to girl for a few years now, but I don't want it to be with someone I know, like someone from school... ya know? and I don't want a total stranger either, ew... I'm scared of diseases and sickos, ya know? So I figure you two are alright, safe, ya know? and only here for the sex anyway...."  she looked at my beer belly....  "plus, she is gorgeous!", she gestured toward Josie.

"Uhm, she has a name, this is Josie... you don't have to talk as though she isn't right here. My name is James."

We continued the lap making small talk, getting to know each other briefly. Then Beth asked us if we were in, if we will go for it. I was already saying yes when Josie squeezed my arm interupted,  "We will think about it. But no matter what, I'll only do it if James is there too."

"Let me know..."  Beth took off in the other direction, she lived close enough to walk to the park. Josie and I continued on. Once again, Josie surprised me.

"James, I...

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The Fitness Program - 2

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Sunday, 13 May 2018, 10:32 PM
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The fitness program was already paying dividends. I felt great, and even my wife said I appeared less-stressed and more youthful. Josie and I were already into our second week of "extra activities" and besides the physical benefit, we were getting to know each other intimately. It seemed both of us were starved for honest and real communication, neither had any meaningful talk with anyone for so long. We discovered a lot about each other.

I learned that she was practically a prisoner in the huge gated house, mansion if you will. Hubby didn't allow her any friends, especially other Filipinos. He decided her food and activities, and even the music she listened to. He was over-protective, overbearing and controlling. It took some doing for him to even allow her to go the park to exercise. He gave her everything she wanted or needed, except for the freedom to be herself. She was afraid to express herself in any way uniquely personal, as she was sure he wouldn't approve. Also, he had two grown kids near her age, and they hated her. They referred to her as "The Gold Digger" even when she was within earshot. They didn't understand that he had pursued her, not the other way around. She was miserable, trapped, and I really felt bad for her. I hated her husband for what he had done to her.

We were becoming close emotionally. Physically, so far she and I had shared my truck (the parking lot BJ), the park public CR, and a tree. The tree was in the Nature Trail adjacent to the field and jogging track. After our combo walk/run, we disappeared deep into the woods and began making out under a huge old Live Oak tree. Before long, she ended up facing the tree, leaning forward and supporting herself with her hands on the tree. Her shorts were down and I was deep inside her pussy from behind. It was our first penetrative sex, and it was incredible! She was so hot and tight, very wet, and had an amazing way of moving her hips. However, unfortunat...

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The Fitness Program

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Friday, 11 May 2018, 06:17 PM
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I'm James, 57, and I live on a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Florida USA. I'm not the type of person you would typically find living on an upscale island, but I got here by hard work, good decisions and some luck. A "blessing" perhaps, if you are among the faithful. I recently retired and have already accomplished a long list of projects and upgrades around the house. I expected my list to take a year to complete, but five months later I found myself bored, sitting by the pool and drinking way too much whisky and beer.

I don't socialize much on the island. These people here are not like me. For one thing, the lifestyle here begins at upper-middle class and just goes on up from there. That's not the type of people I associate with. The only reason I chose to live here is to use my home as an investment as I upgrade it. I don't fit in well with these people, they live in fantasyland and have no idea what life is like for "normal" people in the real world.

Now, with so much time on my hands and no one to spend it with except beer and Jack Daniels, I've been putting on the weight. I caught a glimpse of my shadow the other day and was appalled at my size! I decided I was going to have to something about it. There's a park nearby, where all the upscale soccer moms take their pre-schoolers to play, and/or to walk briskly around the track in their cute but hot active wear. The parking lot is always full of expensive SUVs. These women don't work, I assume they married after graduating from some over-priced university, and married some sucessfull jerkoff. They hire nannies to watch their kids play as they walk around the track bragging about how important their husbands are and what new things they have recently bought.

So it was a surprise to me, on my third morning there, to see someone who looked as out-of-place as I am.  Even from across the large field, I could tell she was Asian. My heart jumped a little, as I ha...

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Saliwan: Wives Tales - Aya

Submitted by 9791cloud via FSS on Thursday, 3 May 2018, 03:44 AM
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Saliwan: Wives Tales - Aya

Ni: cloud9791

Paalala: Ang storyang ito ay halos purong sex at kalibugan. Istorya nang pangangaliwa, pakiki-apid at marami pang ibang kalaswaan.

Names and persons in this story are entirely fictional. They bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

© 2018 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

PAALALA: Ang istoryang ito ay bunga lamang imahinasyon.

Ako si Jonas, isang pinoy na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Tulad din ng iba nating mga kababayan malayo sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya.

Nakakalungkot oo, lalo na at malayo ako sa aking pamilya, mga kaibigan at lalung-lalo na Sa aking asawa!

Si Aya ang aking asawa. ISa ako sa mga lalaking sinuwerte na biniyayaan ng isang maalindog na misis! Mabait, masunurin at higit sa lahat seksing-seksi! Namimiss ko nang bembangin hanggan sa sumabog ang utak ni Misis!!

"Eh Dad... Ok na ba to? PArang nakakahiya" Ang sabi nya.

Lumitaw sa screen ng aking laptop ang ubod ng seksing katawan ng aking asawang pang-seksi star! Nahulog ang pantapis nyang puting tuwalya. Ang mga dede nyang malulusog! Ang mapang-akit na balakang at ang maputing puwet palang ulam na!!

"Oo Love... Ok yan! Yan! Yan!" Ang mga manyakis ko namang sagot.

Sa screen humiga ang aking misis sa kama namin mag-asawa. Tulad ng mga turo ko sa kanya. Nilaru-laro nya ng kanyang mga kamay ang kanyang mga suso at pekpek.

Sinimulan ko naman agad mag-jackol.

"OOOHHH!! DAD!! Ansaaraapp... Ok na ba to Dad? UUNGGHHH!! " Ang mga ungol sa sarap ng
aking misis na si Aya.

Ang kanyang mahinhin at magandang mukha ay napapairi na sa...

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Submitted by Taurus24 via FSS on Tuesday, 1 May 2018, 11:32 PM
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My Hero

Pasado alas diyes ng umaga na nang magising si jun “good morning, ay potek tanghali na pala, masiyado akong nalibang kaboboso kay emy kanina ah gising na kaya yun” tanong niya sa sarili “masilip nga kung gising na siya, hmmmm, tulog padin siya shit naman napaka ganda talaga ng katawan niya oh, sarap niyang lamutakin, malaking susu mapupulang utong at puke, hmmmp nakaka gigil ka emy, tang ina ka akin ka na lang ugh hahahaha,” at lumabas na lang ito at pumunta ng kusina para maghanap nang pwedeng pang almusal, “anak naman ng tokwa wala silang groceries, sa ref kaya nila, ayun may bacon at eggs pwede na to,.” Kinuha ang mga lulutuin at tumingin ng bahaw na kanin para isangag ni jun, matapos mag luto ay pinuntahan na niya si emy para ito’y gisingin at ayaing mag almusal “gising na kaya siya, hmmmmmm” knock knoc knock. “emyyyyyyy, eeeemyyyyyy, aba teka ayaw talagang magising eh, gayahin ko kaya boses ng asawa niya kunwari, ahem ahem ok, emyyyy hon gising na, hoooonnneeyyyyy gising na” at  gumising ito at napa tingin sa orasan, “shit tanghali na pala, teka nandito na si alex, kala ko sa Monday pa siya uuwi.” Agad itong bumangon at sinuot ang bathrobe at pag ka bukas ng pinto ay “yaaaaaaarrriiiiiiiiiiii ka” “haayyyy jun ano kaba, nakaka gulat ka naman, narinig ko si alex nandito na ba siya?” “wala ako lang din yun, ka boses ko na ba siya? Hahahaha. hindi ka kasi magising kanina pa kita tinatawag, luto na ang almusal, tara kainan na tayo” “huh, walang hiya ka talaga napaka loko mo, sige na mauna kana mag bihis lang ako” “ok hintayin kita sa dining room”  “ok sige jun” at bumalik na lang si jun a dining room para doon hintayin si emy, mga ilang saglit lang at dumating na si emy sa dining room, “huwow ang ganda naman niya talaga hmmmmp, sa suot nitong puting maluwag at mahabang shirt na hanggang kanyang hita, at aba teka wala naman siyang suot na bra putek na aan...

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