My First 3some

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This happened during the late 90's.  I was still in college and not dating anyone.  I have friends who have bands and I would usually go with them whenever they have gigs.

In one of their gigs, it was a the launching of one of the local vodka brand and my friends were invited to do some front acts to a manila band.  After their gig, the band from manila (Kulay) were playing and there was dancing everywhere.  I have the hots on a particular girl who was dancing with her friends.  Let's call her Alma.  She is around 5'2", morena with long hair, and super sexy (she was wearing tight jeans and off-shoulder blouse).  I think there were 5 of them dancing all girls and alot of guys have been hitting on them already trying to dance with her group.

Since people inside the bar were already dancing and I am not into dancing, I decided to get out of the venue and had a yosi break outside, chatting with some friends.  A few minutes later, I caught Alma going out together with her girlfriend, and lets call her Bebe.  She is a chubby chinita girl with braces, about same height as Alma.  They were trying to get a cab.  Although it was still early (around 10pm), I was thinking that the party just got started and why the hell would they be leaving, when I realize that Alma was drunk already.  She was tipsy and Bebe has to hold her to keep her from falling.  I decided to go to them and offered to get them a cab.  As faith would have it, there was no empty cab waiting or even passed by, so I decided to offer to bring them home as they live just nearby or about 5min drive.

I took my car and drove them home.  Alma was already asleep inside the car when we arrived at their place.  When Bebe woke her up, she couldnt stand anymore and needed to be carried.  Just as she was in the standing position, she threw up.  Good thing that she was out of the car (my LiteAce).  Although we were able to escape her first blow, she threw up again this time her vomit was all over her pants (Alma) and some on my shoes and pants.

Inside, it was a studio type apartment, and with no sofa in sight, we laid her in bed.  Bebe was so sober that she could still give orders to me on what to do.  I just stood still looking at a drunk girl lying dead in bed. Bebe took a water heater and used it.  The room was only about 6x6 meters so you can see wall to wall.  Standing still, I could see Bebe inside the toilet through an partially opened door changing her dress and went out in a bathrobe.  I was about to excuse myself when Bebe told me to help her take off Alma's jeans and change her since she's full of vomit.  I went numb for a while but I helped her without any word coming out of my mouth.

We had a hard time pulling her pants down.  It was really tight.  As I pulled it down, I inadvertedly pulled her panties down, showing part of her pubic hairs.  I hurriedly pulled her panties up.  Her legs were wet so are some part of her panties with vomit.  Her panties were white satin and since it was wet, I could see clearly her dark pubies.  As I was finishing pulling her pants down, Bebe took off Alma's blouse revealing her black 34D bra.  All the time, Alma was unconcious and just laid there.  Bebe told me that I could now use the toilet to wash of some of the vomit in my pants and shoes.  I told her that I need to go and would just change in our house.  Bebe thanked me and asked how can she repay me for the help I gave her.  I just said it's ok and I just help without asking something in return.  But before I could  leave, she asked me if I like her friend, and I honestly told her that she is very pretty and sexy.  Her reply was, would you like to see her naked? I was speechless and before i could answer, she pulled Alma's bra up and revealed a perfectly round 34d boobs and pinkish nipples.  She then pulled her panties and revealed a bushy pussy, but revealing its pinkish lips.  My eyes just feasted on a very pretty and sexy lady lying there motionless.  Standing still, Bebe then took off her robe and revealed her body as well.  She has even bigger boobs and bigger nipples and she was still wearing black panties then.  I was motionless.  Speechless.  Then told me, "now you've seen our bodies, can I see yours"?

I hurriedly took off my shirt, and unbuttoned my pants when she move towards me and gave me a kiss.  I pushed her towards the wall and continue kissing her, while my hands were grabbing her boobs.  Looking for a place to do our deed, all I can see is the bed and two monoblock chairs.  So  i p...

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