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The Fitness Program - 3

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 14 May 2018, 08:56 PM
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My heart froze! From the look on her face, I could tell that Josie's had too.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh please! I saw you two leave together, that day, then I saw you go into the CR.... Really? The CR?" she laughed, "... and I watched you in the woods... I know you are both married..." 

There was no denying it, this hot young lady knew what she was talking about.

"So... what is it that you want?"

"I want my dream to come true... my fantasy. I want to make love with a woman... an Asian woman." She looked at me and added, "I'll take you too if that's the only way I can get her."

"Let's walk..." I said and the three of us hit the track.

"I'm Beth, I'm 18 and I live over there on Silver Oak. My daddy is chairman of the island city council. I just graduated high school and don't start college until fall. I'm bored...."


"And I've been wanting to try girl to girl for a few years now, but I don't want it to be with someone I know, like someone from school... ya know? and I don't want a total stranger either, ew... I'm scared of diseases and sickos, ya know? So I figure you two are alright, safe, ya know? and only here for the sex anyway...."  she looked at my beer belly....  "plus, she is gorgeous!", she gestured toward Josie.

"Uhm, she has a name, this is Josie... you don't have to talk as though she isn't right here. My name is James."

We continued the lap making small talk, getting to know each other briefly. Then Beth asked us if we were in, if we will go for it. I was already saying yes when Josie squeezed my arm interupted,  "We will think about it. But no matter what, I'll only do it if James is there too."

"Let me know..."  Beth took off in the other direction, she lived close enough to walk to the park. Josie and I continued on. Once again, Josie surprised me.

"James, I...

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Saliwan: Wives Tales - Aya

Submitted by 9791cloud via FSS on Thursday, 3 May 2018, 03:44 AM
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Saliwan: Wives Tales - Aya

Ni: cloud9791

Paalala: Ang storyang ito ay halos purong sex at kalibugan. Istorya nang pangangaliwa, pakiki-apid at marami pang ibang kalaswaan.

Names and persons in this story are entirely fictional. They bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

© 2018 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

PAALALA: Ang istoryang ito ay bunga lamang imahinasyon.

Ako si Jonas, isang pinoy na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Tulad din ng iba nating mga kababayan malayo sa kani-kanilang mga pamilya.

Nakakalungkot oo, lalo na at malayo ako sa aking pamilya, mga kaibigan at lalung-lalo na Sa aking asawa!

Si Aya ang aking asawa. ISa ako sa mga lalaking sinuwerte na biniyayaan ng isang maalindog na misis! Mabait, masunurin at higit sa lahat seksing-seksi! Namimiss ko nang bembangin hanggan sa sumabog ang utak ni Misis!!

"Eh Dad... Ok na ba to? PArang nakakahiya" Ang sabi nya.

Lumitaw sa screen ng aking laptop ang ubod ng seksing katawan ng aking asawang pang-seksi star! Nahulog ang pantapis nyang puting tuwalya. Ang mga dede nyang malulusog! Ang mapang-akit na balakang at ang maputing puwet palang ulam na!!

"Oo Love... Ok yan! Yan! Yan!" Ang mga manyakis ko namang sagot.

Sa screen humiga ang aking misis sa kama namin mag-asawa. Tulad ng mga turo ko sa kanya. Nilaru-laro nya ng kanyang mga kamay ang kanyang mga suso at pekpek.

Sinimulan ko naman agad mag-jackol.

"OOOHHH!! DAD!! Ansaaraapp... Ok na ba to Dad? UUNGGHHH!! " Ang mga ungol sa sarap ng
aking misis na si Aya.

Ang kanyang mahinhin at magandang mukha ay napapairi na sa...

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The Visitor, Finale

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 04:45 PM
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The following morning I was up and out just as the sun was starting to peek out. The barrio was quiet except for the roosters. This time of year, the farmers didn't have to get up quite so early. I washed and tried to do something with my hair, something to disquise the stupid pixie haircut mama ko always gave me. It would make me look like a little girl forever, or worse, a little boy with my skinny little body. How I wanted long beautiful, luxurious hair like other Pinay!

Anyway time was important, and I couldn't waste any. I threw on a fresh flowery cotton panty, a pair of plaid shorts, and a simple spaghetti-strap top that I usually wore as an undergarment. I topped it off with a pair of yellow rubber flip-flops from the bargain bin at the market. There was no point in putting on any special clothes. For that matter, I didn't have any even if I wanted to. I was hoping what I had would be enough. My heart raced as I ran to the secret spot, the intersection of the two paths.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an hour but it was probably only of minutes. "He's not coming today", I thought.  I was disappointed. I felt like I could not live any longer without that guy's dick in my mouth. I shivered at how naughty (and sarap!) that thought was. Just then, I heard his running shoes hitting the dirt. I dropped to my knees in the center of the path and waited.

Soon he was before me! My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! 

"We have to stop meeting like this"  he said with a smile.

I looked up into his green eyes and returned the smile. We stood there looking at each other awkwardly for a second, then I noticed he was going to step around me and keep going, just like yesterday. I couldn't bear that again! Impulsively, I reached out and rested my hand on the bulge in his running shorts. And what a bulge it was!

He was startled for a second, but he didn't move. He looked confused whil...

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The Visitor, Part 3

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 01:32 PM
Categories: Erotic Couplings, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Fetish, First Time, Taboo, Interracial Sex, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Toys and Masturbation   Tags: , , , , ,

That night, besides being horny,  my thoughts centered around how to get him to stop. I didn't want another embarrassing encounter like I had that morning. I didn't want to embarrass him either, or cause him to wonder what the heck I am doing in the field at first light in the morning. There had to be a way to be obvious. If I am subtle, he won't notice and it would be awkward. If I'm blatant, than it will still be awkward, but at least I have a chance of getting my goal... hmmm.

But what should that goal be?  I really didn't want to fuck the guy. I mean, I wouldn't want to break his family. And I was programmed by society that I am not supposed to give myself to anyone who is not going to be in my life forever. Old-fashioned, right? I don't apologize for that. It may be old and traditional, but I believed it. In many ways, I still do.  So... fucking the guy is out of the question. So then, what is it I'm after? What do I hope to achieve? I really must be going crazy.

Maybe I just want him to notice me. Maybe it's just attention from a handsome man?  Is that all?  I thought about it for a while and came to a conclusion. No, that isn't all.  That's just the start. I could have his attention all day and night, but I need something more. I want his body and I want to give him mine. Maybe not all of it, but I will gladly give him what I can right now. Above all, I want to make him happy. I want to blow his fucking mind, I want him to be so damn content that he never, ever forgets me.

Just then I remembered a conversation I overheard when I was little. I was playing under the house and my auntie was inside talking with one of her friends. I could hear them plainly, they were gossiping about a woman whose husband left her. A comment my auntie made stuck with me forever, and I recalled it now. She said the jilted woman should have "learned how to swallow because a man won't leave a girl who swallows".  I remember thinking about that....

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The Visitor, Part 2

Submitted by libog_na via FSS on Monday, 23 April 2018, 02:38 AM
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I woke up with my hand in my panty. Luckily I was the first one awake. My thoughts immediately went to the guy... my neighbor's husband. At the thought, I felt my body respond. My tummy felt funny and my puke became warm and sensitive. I felt moisture in between my labia and I again began to lightly rub.

Let me say now that I am a good girl, from a good family, and raised like any other girl. If that sounds defensive, just consider the times. It was very conservative then! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be feeling this way. Was it OK to feel malibog? Is it normal?  And to be thinking about my neighbor's husband! And to rub myself down there? But shit... it felt so good. How could it be wrong? I can't be the only one who ever felt this.

Having decided it was normal, well... half deciding and half not caring, I wanted to keep going. But I couldn't risk getting caught. Frustrated I got up and went outside. That's when I saw him! He was wearing a pair of short running shorts (remember this was the 80s) and a white tee. He was with the neighbor boy, standing in the dirt road at the edge of the field.  The boy was pointing to a path through the cane, and telling him to follow that path all the way around the field and it will lead back to the road on the other end. The man thanked him and took off running. I watched his toned athletic body disappear into the sugar cane. A runner, I thought.

Still feeling hot and damp, even more so now, I went to the outside CR and locked the door. In seconds, my shorts and panty were on the floor and my hand flew to my pussy. I started rubbing it again, and not so gently this time. I placed one foot on the toilet and leaned against the wall... and just rubbed it. I didn't dare penetrate, in fear of losing my virginity (I didn't know so much about my own body at that time), but I spread my labia with one hand and rubbed my tinggil up and down with the other, using my puke juice to...

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